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Meet our Artist

Nerd Up started as a simple shop selling Pop-Culture memorabilia. Then it found Javier Casillas, a.k.a. Nerdious.

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Nerdious started sharing his art through his popular Pixel_PALs stickers. He then had an online store named "Nerdious Brands". The store gained popularity but had to shut down after 3 years for personal and financial reasons. Nerdious was able to use is income to sponsor a local e-sports team, a podcast and even helped Anime Fire (formally Crimson Vision Studios) with some of video production. 

The name "Nerdious" came as a place holder, it was his DND character name, and was supposed to be changed. Once he started collecting a fanbase, though, it stuck and that's how we know him today.

Nerdious' designs can be seen worn by many a fan, he wanted to create fashion that could be worn casually. He also noticed that there were no fashion merchandise for older fans of popular genres. Many fans of his work now recognize his designs inspired by Super Sentai/Power Rangers. Even actors of the popular shows rep his work at conventions to show there love and support. 

You know your wearing one of Nerdious' designs by spotting his collab logo printed on certain products.

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