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Daring Greatly.

Daring Greatly is a term for self acceptance. It's not about Winning or Losing. It's about Courage. It's about being brave enough to be seen exactly as we are, with all of our fears and imperfections.

Mental Health is something that we try to communicate. It can be difficult, but it is not impossible. We want to remind all people that everyone has internal battles (even superheroes) and that someone will always be around to help you, if you are willing.

This Charity Drive will be donating %100 of all proceeds from the sale of special commissioned designs to "988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline". To learn more or to donate directly, tap on the underlined text. To view our special designs - Click Here.



Baku Hatakeyama

Hatakeyama portrayed "Daita Oiwa", the yellow "Ki Renger" in Japans very first Super Sentai Series "Himitsu Sentai Gorenger". He lost his battle with depression in 1978, Sources say that he was having trouble financially and that he was unhappy with his progression as an actor. Hatakeyama's role as a superhero in Japan helped many bigger kids feel better about themselves, They saw an everyday person who looked like them fighting monsters and serving Justice.


Tatsuya Nōmi

Tatsuya portrayed "Diago" the green ranger in Japans "Gosei Sentai Diaranger. He had Cameo rolls in "Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger" and "GoGo Sentai Boukenger". Tatsuya also had many movie rolls in Japan. Tatsuya never told people that he was depressed, and it was shocking when his family revealed that he lost his internal battle in 2017.

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Pua Magasiva

Pua was a Samoan-New Zealand actor. He Portrayed "Shane Clarke" in "Power Rangers Ninja Storm". People remembered him as kind individual, sometimes timid. Pua's Mental health struggles came to light in in 2019. shortly before his death Pua became aggressive towards his wife and child. He lost his battle after his last attack and went to a local hotel where he ended his life. Pua's wife Kourtney would later reveal that she had found Pua's Journal, inside were writings talking about his internal struggle and his inability to seek help.

Jason David Frank


JDF was well known in the USA for his portrayal of "Tommy Oliver" in the Power Rangers Franchise. He was so popular with fans that he kept coming back to the franchise and even helped BOOM! Comics with there promotions as "Lord Drakkon". 

JDF was always open with his mental battles, even sharing his poetry as online shorts. People suspect that he began losing his battle after the death of his daughter, Shayla Frank in 2021. JDF then had marital troubles after his spouse Tammie Frank citied infidelity. JDF was Ostracized from Children and Family after the accusations. Things only got worse after it was revealed that his Spouse filed for divorce.


Despite all of this JDF still put in an effort to go to fan events, making sure that everyone received and autograph. It would later be revealed by JDF's Daughter, Jenna Frank, and his Spouse that they had begun working things out and even going to therapy. JDF and Tammie would take a vacation together to further work on themselves. The night of the vacation, JDF would give in to his personal demons and end his battle with depression.

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